About Me

About Me

I’m Julien, a 39-year old expat who has been living in Jakarta for over 14 years. I’ve made this website to help Indonesians and foreigners who are looking to rent or buy apartments in the city.

To do so, I stay or visit residences all around Jakarta and I review them here, always independently. I have done almost 200 so far, and my plan is to add an extra 100 before the end of 2020. That should cover all the most famous apartment buildings in Jakarta.

If you have a question, please post it on the dedicated forum and I’ll answer it there (or email me: julien@all-jakarta-apartments.com).

You can also help me by adding a comment or a rating at the end of the residences you know about. It takes only a few minutes and yet, it is super useful to other readers.