Singapore Intercultural School (SIS) – Jakarta

by | May 22, 2020

Founded in 1996 under the name “Singapore International School” (now Singapore Intercultural School), SIS has expanded and there are now seven schools in Indonesia bearing its name. They follow the Singaporean curriculum.


From Preschool (2 years old) to Junior College (19 years old)


There are 3 different campuses in Jakarta: Bonavista (South Jakarta), Pantai Indah Kapuk (North Jakarta), Kelapa Gading (North Jakarta)

Number of students (Enrollment):

3,300 in total on the three campuses. The majority of students are Asian, especially Indonesian Chinese.

Curriculum and programs:

For nursery and primary student: Singaporean curriculum

For lower secondary students: Singaporean + Cambridge (IGCSE) 

For upper secondary students: Cambridge (IGCSE)

For Junior College students: International Baccalaureate (IB)

There is also a Chinese Language and Culture Program available.

Cost (yearly):

The cost is relatively affordable, more than 50% less than international schools like JIS or BJS.

Preschool: From IDR 39,000,000 (nursery) to IDR 74,000,000 (kindergarten)

Primary: From IDR 111,000,000 to IDR 115,000,000

Secondary: From IDR 132,000,000 to IDR 141,000,000

Junior College: From IDR 182,000,000 to IDR 185,000,000 (year 12)

Language of instruction:


Languages taught:

Chinese, Indonesian, English

Extra-curricular activities (some with extra fees):

Sports: Swimming, Gymnastics, Soccer, Taekwondo, 

Creative arts: Dance (Ballet, Hip Hop), Drama, Music (Piano, Violin, Drums, Guitar)

Other: Fun Science

Equipment and facilities:

Swimming pool, computer lab, science room, auditorium, canteen, library, football field, basketball court


IB World School



Contact details:


Instagram: SIS Kelapa Gading, SIS Bona Vista, SIS PIK


Reception desk of SIS Bona Vista

Hall of Singapore Intercultural School Bona Vista

Corridors in SIS Bona Vista

Classroom in SIS Bona Vista

Library in SIS Bona Vista

Auditorium in SIS Kelapa Gading

Gymnasium in SIS Kelapa Gading

Classroom in SIS Kelapa Gading

Football field in SIS Bona Vista

Learning music in SIS Kelapa Gading

Outdoor sports facilities in SIS Kelapa Gading

Basketball court in SIS Jakarta

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