Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS)

by | Jun 3, 2020

Previously known as the Jakarta International School, JIS was founded in 1951 and it is the largest international school in Jakarta. It is also considered one of the most prestigious, offering high standards of education to students from age 2 to 18.


Kindergarten (Early Years), Elementary, Middle School, High School


There are 3 different campuses, all in South Jakarta:

The main campus is in Cilandak (20 hectares) for middle and high school students.

There are also secondary campuses for elementary school students in Pattimura (Kebayoran Baru) and in Pondok Indah

Number of students (Enrollment):

2,400 in total.

For the high school, there are 879 students, 29% of whom are Indonesian, 18% are Korean, 15% American, 7% Indian, 6% Australians/NZ. A total of 51 nationalities are represented.

Curriculum and programs:

JIS follows the North American (US) and the International Baccalaureate curriculum. It is also the only school in Jakarta to offer an Advanced Placement (AP) program, allowing students to prepare for admission to the best US universities.

Cost (yearly):

Per year, the cost ranges from IDR 316,100,000 for early years to IDR 478,600,000 for grades 9-12.

If your kid requires transportation, you must add between IDR 69,000,000 and IDR 75,000,000 of school bus fees.

There are also additional fees for school trips, exams, graduation, etc.

Language of instruction:


Languages taught:

English, Indonesian, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean

Extra-curricular activities:

Sports: Running, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, Swimming, Track and Field, softball, badminton, golf, yoga, fitness

Creative arts: Music, Dance, Drama, Art, Design, Choir, Creative Writing, Sculpture, Painting, etc

Other: Math, Debate team, Model United Nations, Chess

Equipment and facilities:

184 classrooms, 4 theaters, 3 tennis courts, 6 playing fields, 3 swimming pool, 3 cafeterias, 18 science laboratories, 4 libraries (with 130,000 books in total), medical clinic


Council of International Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, IB World School, East Asia Regional Council of Schools

Uniform required: 


Contact details:

Website: www.jisedu.or.id

Phone number: +6221 769 2555

Email: admissions@jisedu.or.id

Additional photos:

Eating area in JIS


School orchestra

Early Years Center

Baseball field

Running track

Basketball court

Play area

Swimming Pool

Classroom in JIS

Green area in Jakarta Intercultural School

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