Mentari Intercultural School (MIS)

by | May 20, 2020

Started as a preschool in 1994, Mentari Intercultural School (MIS) is a group of 3 schools with the “National Plus” label. The teaching is done half in English, half in Indonesian, following the International Baccalaureate curriculum.


From Kindergarten to High School


There are 3 different campuses in Jakarta:

  • MIS Jakarta in North Cipete (5-10 minutes from Kemang) – It has aging facilities
  • MIS Bintaro in Bintaro, the newest and most expensive. It has the best facilities.
  • MIS Grand Surya in West Jakarta

The same group also has two preschools, in Bintaro and in Kebayoran Baru.

Number of students (Enrollment):

Over 1000 and lmost all of them are Indonesian.

There are usually less than 22 students per class. In each class, you have a headteacher (often expatriate) and a local assistant.

Curriculum and programs:

International Baccalaureate curriculum, starting with the Primary Years Programme (PYP – for age 3 to 12), then the Middle Years Programme (MYP – for age 12 to 16), and finally the Diploma Programme (DP – for age 16-19).

In parallel, the students also follow the Indonesian curriculum and they have to take national exams.

*Note: MIS Bintaro follows the Cambridge curriculum and its students take the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

Cost (yearly):

Preschool: Approximately IDR150,000,000

Middle School: Approximately IDR160,000,000

High School: Approximately IDR175,000,000

Language of instruction:

Mostly English, with some classes taught in Indonesian (Civics, Physical Education, Religion,…).

Classes taught in English normally have native English speakers (British, Americans, Australians). In the Kindergarten and Primary, the English-speaking staff is mostly from Indonesia and the Philippines.

Languages taught:

English, Indonesian, Mandarin

Extra-curricular activities:

Sports (Basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, swimming, etc), arts, dance, music, theater, film-making, painting.

Equipment and facilities:

Computer lab, library, music room, swimming pool, basketball court, football field, playroom, playground, cinema room, small infirmary with a qualified nurse


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More photos:

Basketball game in Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta

Football game in Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta

Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta

Football field in Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta

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