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by | Mar 23, 2020

Sea View Pluit is a budget apartment complex built on 3.7 hectares of land. It consists of 4 towers of 20 floors, Maldives, Belize, Ibiza, and Bahama, with a combined capacity of nearly 2,800 units.

Site Plan Pluit Sea View

I stayed in the largest tower, Maldives, which was also the first one to be finished in 2016-2017. As of today, the handover for Bahama, the last tower, has not been fully completed. The project has been plagued by huge delays, causing some tenants to go to court against the developer (Binakarya Propertindo Group).

I will explain all there is to know about this property in the following review.


Neighborhood and Transportation

In which neighborhood of Jakarta is Pluit Sea View located?

Location of Pluit Sea View in Jakarta

Pluit Sea View is located in North Jakarta, in the district of Penjaringan. This is a rather poor and undeveloped neighborhood, with few interesting things to do nearby. However, by car, you can reach some nicer areas in Pluit (10-15 minutes away). The old city of Jakarta (Kota Tua) is also in this district.

As with the rest of North Jakarta, Penjaringan is slowly sinking and it is prone to flooding. As a result, property prices in this area are generally low.

How does it look like around the apartment?

The area around Sea View Pluit is quite strange. It is a mix of slums, traditional houses, factories, expensive villas, and landfills. Here are a few photos of the surroundings (some taken from my apartment):

Neighborhood of Pluit Sea View Apartments

Neighborhood Near Entrance of Pluit Sea View Apartment

View from Pluit Sea View Apartment

Tanjung Priok and Sunda Kelapa

View of Pluit Seaview Apartment

By car, with normal traffic conditions, how far is it from:
– Jakarta Airport (CGK): 35 minutes
– Grand Indonesia Mall: 40 minutes
– Sudirman Business District: 55 minutes
– Kota Tua: 10 minutes
– Kemang: 70 minutes

Public transportation and access to highways:
– Nearest Transjakarta halt: It’s a bit far, 750 meters by foot (Mesjid Luar Batang)
– Nearest MRT station: None nearby
– Nearest train station: Kota (10 minutes away)
– Nearest toll road: Jakarta Inner Ring Road (1.5 km). This is quite convenient for going to Ancol or Cengkareng (Airport).

Landmarks Nearby

What are the important landmarks nearby?
Nearby, there are a few landmarks you can go to:

Emporium Pluit (2.7 kilometers)
Pluit Village (3.4 kilometers)
Baywalk Mall (6 kilometers)

A bit further, the area of Mangga Dua (7 kilometers) is a famous shopping destination with many cheap outlets (fashion, electronics).

Farmer’s Market in Pluit Junction (expensive, many imported products available)
Transmart in Emporium Pluit (midrange)
Super Indo on Jalan Muara Karang 2 (cheap)

Restaurants and Nightlife:
There is a food court within Pluit Sea View:

Canteen Laundry in Pluit Sea View Apartment

Apart from that, you will need to go to the malls mentioned above for more sophisticated venues.

For nightlife, there aren’t many options nearby except maybe Colosseum.

– Universities: Atma Jaya University Kampus 2 (Medicine), Bunda Mulia University
– Schools and preschools: Several reputed ones such as Bunda Mulia School, Bina Tunas Bangsa, IPEKA, SMAK 6 Penabur, Gandhi Ancol, Pelita Harapan (until Grade 8), Singapore School or High Scope.

Atma Jaya Hospital and Pluit Hospital.

The nearest park is Taman Waduk Pluit (3 kilometers).

Taman Fatahillah in Kota Tua is about 10 minutes away as well. It is not a park, but the historic city center of Jakarta and most of it is pedestrian-friendly.

Building Quality

Building and Architecture

Who is the developer?
Pluit Sea View was developed by Binakarya Propertindo Group, a company owned by Budianto Halim and Go Hengky Setiawan. It owns various types of property, including rukos, hotels, landed houses, malls, and budget apartments.

If you make some research on the internet, you will see that there are many issues and complaints with this developer regarding the sale of non-existing units or late delivery of units. There is even a whole thread on Kaskus forum with over 2,000 comments from angry owners.

In the case of Pluit Sea View, some people have had to wait more than 2 years for the delivery of their apartment. Furthermore, when you compare what was promised to the buyers (in terms of design, facilities, etc), and what was actually delivered, there is a huge gap.

Overall: Be very careful when buying an apartment in Pluit Sea View.

Who is the architect?
I didn’t find this information.

Who is the contractor?
I didn’t find this information.

What is the situation with the land certificate?
The developer has a Hak Guna Bangunan Murni, which means the property was built on its own land. As an apartment owner, you get a “Strata Title di atas HGB Murni”.

Design and Appearance

How does the building look like?

From Outside (Facade):

The design of Pluit Sea View is very common and it looks just like any other budget apartment building in Jakarta:

Pluit Sea View Apartment

Facade Pluit Seaview Apartment

Entrance and Lobby:

Entrance Pluit Sea View Apartment – As you can see, there is so few parking spaces that some tenants have to park in random spots outside

Lobby Reception Pluit Seaview Apartment

Lobby Pluit Seaview Apartment – The door was always open because the access card system was not working

Garden and landscaping:


I only saw the landscaping of Maldives tower. As you can see, there isn’t really a garden, only a few plants near the swimming pool.

Landscape of Pluit Sea View Apartment

Corridors and lifts:

Lobby Lifts Pluit Seaview Apartment

Lifts in Pluit Sea View Apartment

Corridors Pluit Sea View Apartment

Corridors in Pluit Seaview Apartment

Size and Types of Apartments

There are three types of apartments:

1-bedroom units (1 bathroom): 24 m2
2-bedroom units (1 bathroom): 42 m2
3-bedroom units (2 bathrooms): 66 m2
4-bedroom units (2 bathrooms): 83 m2

Materials and Equipment

What is the quality of the materials, furniture, and equipment used in the construction?
This is an evaluation of the quality I observed (ranked from 1 – worst – to 10 – best):

In common areas:
Tiles lobby: 5
Tiles corridors: 5
Painting (wall, ceiling): 3.5. The finishes were done poorly:

Bad finishes Pluit Seaview Apartment

Lighting fixtures: 4
Doors: 5
Windows: 5
Elevator: 6
Gym equipment: /
Pool equipment: 3
Furniture: 4
Artwork: /

In the apartments:
Tiles/Parquet: 3.5
Bathroom equipment: 3.5
Kitchen equipment: 3.5

Overall Quality: 4.3/10


Facilities and Services

What are the facilities provided in the property?

– Swimming pool: 

Swimming Pool Area Pluit Seaview Apartment

Swimming Pool for Kids in Pluit Sea View Apartment

Swimming Pool of Pluit Seaview Apartment

Pool Area Pluit Sea View Apartment

Pool Shower Pluit Seaview Apartment

Pool Pluit Sea View Apartment

– Other facilities/services:

Kids Games in Pluit Sea View Apartment

What are the services available?
There are a few convenient services available on the ground floor of the residence: Canteens, laundry, property agent, coffee shops, mini market.

Are there issues with the electricity supply?
Usually, each apartment is limited to 2,200 VA. That’s enough for most people.

Are there issues with parking?
Yes, the parking situation in Pluit Sea View is terrible. It is very difficult to find a parking spot, so you can often see cars just circling around waiting for someone else to leave.

Apparently, the management has decided to build a parking with several floors to solve this issue. However, until then, you’ll have to be patient.

Ground Floor Parking Near Construction

Parking Outside of Pluit Sea View Apartment

Are there enough lifts?


Is the property busy?
Yes, I found it quite busy.

Is it noisy?
It was not from my apartment. However, there is a mosque on the western side of Bahama tower so you may want to avoid it.

What is the background of residents?
The residents are mostly Indonesian Chinese from the mid-to-upper class. Considering the apartments in Pluit Sea View are cheap, I was surprised to see in the parking lot many nice cars like Mercedes, Audi or Alphard.



There are many small issues, like scratched paint, broken tiles, etc.

Overall maintenance rating: 6/10


I thought the property was quite dirty. For instance:

Dirty Corridors Pluit Seaview Apartment

Trash Near Pool Pluit Seaview Apartment

Overall cleanliness rating: 4/10


The garden was not properly maintained. Here is a picture I took just outside:

Overall gardening rating: 4/10


Guards: There are guards 24/7 at the entrance of the property. There is also one at the lobby of each tower.
Access: You normally need an access card before reaching the lift area but it was broken when I was there.

Overall security rating: 6.5/10


The staff was professional and friendly.

Overall hospitality rating: 7/10

Rooms and Prices

Prices at Pluit Sea View may vary depending on many factors such as the floor, the unit type, the room condition and the furnishings.

Be aware that you may also need to pay for additional fees: Service charge (IPL), parking fee, electricity and water bills, etc.

Here are a few examples of prices and ratios for this property:

2-Bedroom (42m2) – Furnished:

  • Rental 1 Year: Approximately IDR 32 million (or IDR 2.7 million per month)
  • Buy: Approximately IDR 500,000,000
  • Break Even Point (Buying Price/Gross Annual Rental): 15.6 years
  • Average buying price/m2: IDR 11.9 million/m2

Investment Potential

Reasons to buy:
→ Cheap price

Reasons NOT to buy:
→ Problems with the developer
→ Problems with the maintenance and cleanliness
→ Low rent

Would I buy this property? (On a scale from 0 = “not at all” to 10 = “yes absolutely” ):


Sea View Pluit Apartments
Jl. Muara Baru Raya, RT.5/RW.3,
North Jakarta 14450

Phone numbers:
08 59 59 61 22 18
021-66 88888

Website: Pluit Sea View

More Photos

My Ratings

I do my best to write honest and detailed reviews of the apartments I visit. If you disagree with my rating, please let me know why and leave your own rating at the end of this page.

Pluit Sea View Apartments
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What I Liked
- Affordable price.
- Convenient shops and warungs on the ground floor.
- Near the toll road.
What I Didn't Like
- Uninteresting neighborhood.
- Bad maintenance.
- Not clean.
- Issues with the developer.
- Difficult to park.
- No gym.
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